Curriculum vitae

The graduated physician Karl-Heinz Krauskopf (*1951), concentrates on photography since 1965. He started his career as a self-taught photographer and improved technique and art photography soon to professional perfection. Countless medical and cultural publications (books, magazines, calenders), exhibitions at home and abroad, and last but not least his call-up to the German Society of Photography (DGPh) are documents of a steadily successful career. Much approved are his photographies, taken at the „tanzhaus nrw“ or at the „Tanztheater Pina Bausch“ as well as the many portraitures of jazz- and classical musicians on stage. People of all kind are playing an important role in his works, on stage, as well as in the studio (classical portraitures) or when doing street-photography. To Karl-Heinz Krauskopf, natural light is as important in his outdoor photography as it is when using selected studio lighting to carefully illuminate the various studio productions. The driving force of his photographic work is to transform his ideas into pictures who inevitably draws the spectator´s attention, because they tell stories. Above all he has always in mind to improve his work steadily .